Lovett and Lovett has relied on Skylight & Sun for over 30 years for their expert advice, quality products, and customer service. When it comes to skylights, we only use Skylight & Sun.
-Jordon Lovett, Lovett and Lovett Roofing
Whether it is a residential or large commercial job, Skylight & Sun has always provided the quality skylights we need in a timely manner. They are our go-to company for all of our skylight needs.n.
-Steve Cadet, Fidelity Roofing
Other companies look at skylights as a commodity, but there is a lot of nuance and expertise needed when determining the right skylights for a project. Skylight & Sun uses its 50+ years of knowledge to make sure we get the right skylight for the job. This saves us the time and expense of having to go back to correct the problem of an incorrect skylight.
-Shawn Glisson, All Rain Gutters
When we visited Skylight & Sun they took the time to explain all of our options and helped us determine the right skylight for our bathroom. We chose a remote controlled solar unit and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Skylight & Sun!
-Aaron and Julie Welch